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Sunset Blossom

Picture this: You're sipping a glass of wine, surrounded by friends or soon-to-be friends, with a paintbrush in hand and a blank canvas before you. But you're not in a traditional art studio - you might be in a trendy café, a picturesque park, or even your own living room. That's the beauty of our pop-up paint and sip experiences. We bring the art studio to you, transforming everyday spaces into vibrant hubs of creativity and conversation.

What sets our workshops apart is their truly eclectic nature. From a yoga and paint class, to a life-drawing session with a live-band we have done it all! We are all about  exploring creativity in unexpected places and ways, all while enjoying good company and a great drink.

Meet the Paintbar team 

Meet the Paintbar team - we're not your average art instructors. We're a bunch of creative enthusiasts who are always up for trying something new and pushing the boundaries of what an art workshop can be. Got a wild idea for a painting session? We're all ears! From the bustling streets of Fortitude Valley to the serene banks of the Brisbane River, and from the hip cafes of West End to the leafy suburbs of Paddington - there's no corner of Brisbane we won't explore. Our mantra is simple: if you can dream it, we can paint it (and sip while doing so)! So, Brisbane, where shall we set up our next pop-up studio?

Kath and Kim

Picture this, you noice, different, unusual art lovers: A "Kath and Kim" inspired paint and sip session that's sure to be more fun than a trip to Fountain Lakes! Grab your chardonnay (or a glass of Baileys if you're feeling fancy) and get ready to channel your inner Kath Day-Knight or Kim Craig née Day.

Our effluent instructor will guide you through creating a masterpiece worthy of hanging in Kath's good room. You might be painting Epponnee-Rae's portrait, a still life of hornbags and hunkspunks, or even a landscape of the illustrious Fountain Gate shopping center. As you dab your brushes, we'll have "Kath and Kim" playing in the background for inspiration. Don't worry if your artwork looks a bit "unusual" - remember, it's all about having a laugh!

Paint Your Pet

Calling all animal lovers and aspiring artists! Our "Paint Your Pet" class is the purr-fect way to immortalize your furry, feathered, or scaly friend on canvas. Don't worry if you think you can't tell a paintbrush from a chew toy - our talented instructors will guide you through every stroke, helping you capture your pet's unique personality and charm.

Here's how it works: Before the class, you'll send us a clear, well-lit photo of your pet. Our artists will sketch the basic outline onto your canvas, giving you a head start. Then, in class, you'll bring your pet to life with vibrant colors and your personal touch. Whether you're painting your dog's soulful eyes, your cat's mischievous grin, or your iguana's scaly splendor, we'll help you create a masterpiece that captures your pet's essence.

And the best part? You get to sip your favorite beverage while you work! It's a relaxing, fun-filled experience that results in a one-of-a-kind piece of art you'll treasure forever. So grab your favorite photo of Fluffy or Fido, and let's get painting!

How can we help unleash your inner art?

At Paintbar, we believe there's an artist lurking inside everyone, just waiting for the right moment to burst onto the canvas. Our mission is to coax out that inner creative genius, no matter how deeply it might be hidden. Whether you're a stick-figure specialist or a closet Picasso, our array of inventive workshops is designed to ignite your artistic spark and fan it into a full-blown creative inferno.

Imagine unleashing your inner surrealist in our "Dream-scapes and Dali" session, where melting clocks and impossible landscapes become your playground.  For those who prefer a more structured approach, our "Grid and Gradient" workshops teach you to transform simple shapes and color transitions into stunning works of art. And let's not forget our "Mindful Mandalas" class, where the act of creating intricate patterns becomes a form of moving meditation.

But we don't stop at traditional painting techniques. Our "Mixed Media Madness" sessions encourage you to incorporate everything from magazine clippings to bottle caps into your masterpieces. In "Tipsy Calligraphy," you'll learn the art of beautiful writing with a wine glass in hand. For the musically inclined, our "Synesthesia Symphony" workshop challenges you to paint the colors you see when you hear your favorite tunes. And if you're feeling particularly daring, try our "Blindfold Brushstrokes" class, where you'll create art using only your sense of touch and imagination. At Paintbar, we're constantly dreaming up new ways to help you tap i

Paint Your Date

Looking for a unique twist on date night? Our "Paint Your Date" class is here to spice things up with a splash of color and a dash of playful creativity. Forget the traditional dinner and a movie - this is your chance to create a lasting memento of your relationship while having a blast together.

Here's the twist: instead of painting side-by-side, you and your date will be painting each other! Don't worry, we're not talking hyperrealistic portraits here (unless you're both secret art prodigies). Our skilled instructors will guide you through creating fun, quirky, and often hilarious interpretations of your beloved. Maybe you'll capture your partner's sparkling eyes, their signature crooked smile, or that one cowlick that never stays down. Or perhaps you'll go full caricature and exaggerate their most endearing features.
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